What are High-Performance Floor Systems?

Why do we usually recommend applying one of our high-performance floors on your new coating system? Finishing your resinous concrete coating with the proper thin film is a very economical way to provide your floor with additional polymeric attributes and an even longer life. No type of floor resin can do it all. Our laboratory has carried out tests and knows the reality: To provide the facilities with solutions for concrete floors that are really effective, a wide range of liquid floor resins is required. Our large selection of resin coatings is one of the most compressive lines of today, providing the selection you need to protect and maintain the floor of your installation. Looking for paint used on warehouse floor? Yes then you are at the just right place!

High-Performance Floor System:

These are not the only environments that benefit from resinous concrete coatings. Our extensive line of high-performance concrete coating systems can handle a variety of environments within your facility.

Customizable Anti-Slip Final Coats

In one area of your facility, you may need a higher level of slip resistance, than in another, and we can provide this easily and economically. Employing industrial epoxy floors as the method of either spreading or encapsulating the non-slip aggregate of your choice, is an effective floor finishing method. This allows our approved installers to meet their needs-even those occasional last-minute decisions-with ease.

The benefits and options of our high-performance floors include:

  • Final layers highly resistant to chemicals and stains
  • Floor finishes resistant to solvents
  • Concrete resinous coatings that resist high concentrations of acids and alkalis
  • Upper layers highly resistant to heat and thermal shock
  • Quick-cure and fast-return floor finishing layers for activities
  • Transparent finishes that do not yellow
  • Superior electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive layers
  • Pre-pigmented or inintable coatings in the field and custom colors
  • Coatings 100% solids and high in solids, low-to-zero VOC
  • Top floor layers very reflective of light, glossy or satin finishes
  • High-performance top layers with unequaled abrasion resistance

Paint used on warehouse floor give their concrete floor systems the extra properties to give them a truly superior value, based on the needs giving them a truly superior value, based on the unique needs of their installation. For example, you may have a space that experiences heavy traffic from pedestrians to rubber or steel wheel cars-and we have the ideal industrial epoxy floor that is resistant to abrasion. Alternatively, you may have a laboratory or storage area in your facility that requires resistance to sulfuric acid and other corrosives-we have high-performance flooring systems for this as well.

Are you looking for industrial resin flooring contractor or paint used on warehouse floor? You are at the just right place, having a consistent color standard for marking floors and understanding the rules that influence these good practices will help you create and maintain a cleaner, tidier and more efficient plant. Paint used on warehouse floor is carefully chosen and professionally installed, coatings for floors and other resins can save thousands in replacement costs and closure of facility activities. Cementitious floor covering systems can be used to economically repair cracks & surface damage, while optional decorative elements, lines, anti-slip and high-performance coatings, add the finishing touches.

Your Floor Coatings Complete Cementing

Restore concrete floors is a science and takes expertise and experience from qualified field technicians and installers to effectively repair cracks & surface damages. That’s where we come in. With our large-scale R & D and QC labs, floor covering engineering, manufacturing capability, regional factory representatives and a complete network of specially qualified local contractors, you can be assured that you will get optimal cementitious floor coverings for your installation.

Our clients enjoy paint used on warehouse floor benefits that include:

  • One of the complete concrete floor covering lines on the market
  • A selection of more than five types of resin coating for resin floors, including epoxy floor coatings, which ensures optimal floor repair for any installation
  • More than 65 years of experience in the industry, the expertise you can trust
  • Meets USDA requirements for food facilities
  • EPA registered antimicrobial protection available
  • Everything from quick repair units for concrete cracks to full floor coverings

Our paint used on warehouse floor does not only repair cracks & surface damage. The additional benefits of our solutions include:

  • Systems with filler aggregate, with fluid application that help to dissipate the impact on the floor
  • Ultra high load point, floor repair systems with high compressive strength
  • Options for extreme environments, including floors resistant to thermal shock
  • Elastomeric aggregates of concrete floors that absorb the vibration of machines
  • Waterproof coatings for concrete floors for mezzanines and higher levels

Useful or decorative non-slip finishes for paint used on warehouse floor

  • Moisture-tolerant and moisture-mitigating coatings, available
  • While you need a simple patching or a full resin floor covering, our wide range of solutions ensures that the floor of your installation is not only repaired-it is improved.

When to Repair Cracks & Surface Damage?

You should always patch and repair as soon as you find cracks, holes or other deterioration in the concrete. Then, restore your floor when it’s right for your agenda and your pocket. This may mean that you are going to restore different areas of your facility at different times, managing repairs to specific areas and then restore when needed. Everything depends on you and the needs of your apartment. Our experienced factory technical representatives will carefully evaluate the concrete floor of your facility, and present you with repair options and coatings for concrete floors that meet your short and long-term goals. Everything is part of the quality and service for which we are known, and what to expect with our complete concrete floor covering solutions.

Characteristics of paint used on warehouse floor:

It is applied in:

Mechanical workshops, Refrigerating industry, restaurants, oil industry, petrochemical, chemical, wine, beverages, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, water treatment plants, interior lining of pipes and tanks.