The Malachite stone

Malachite stone stone in the form of masses, needle plumes, rosettes, nodules, configurations, long striated structures and rarely stalactites and prismatic crystals. The color ranges from dark green to a lighter one. Some of the formations show druses of small malachite stone crystals on the surface. It is a secondary mineral of copper deposits, usually found next to azurite. Isolated crystals are rare, they usually form nodules or radiated masses. It contains around 60% copper. It has spectacular concentric eye patterns.

Malachite stone is a “stone of transformation”, your adventurous spirit will help you in times of change, will impel you to take risks and will give you the sacred information that leads you to your spiritual evolution. It shows bluntly what prevents growth, breaks unwanted links, outdated concepts and drives us to the new. It is one of the oldest gems used by different civilizations for its healing and transforming properties. The outstanding personalities of Egypt preferred it because of its exceptional power: the archaeological finds of Pharaoh’s clothes almost always include malachite stone inlays.

It is said that it was for the high classes of Egypt one of the main energy stones. The pharaohs used to cover the inside of their headdresses with malachite stone and thought that it would help them to govern wisely. Malachite stone was also pulverized and used to improve eyesight, internal vision; and they were also used in cosmetics. Malachite stone is a powerful stone and should only be used in its polished form and for external use because it is toxic, very poisonous. Its effects are direct and immediate and you should work with it only under the guidance of an expert Gemotherapist. Do not breathe your dust, or lick, or prepare elixir of this stone.

It clarifies and activates all the chakras and can efficiently stimulate the heart and the throat. It is an excellent stone to bring out all repressed emotions, recognize them and release them. It is especially helpful to help us see what we do not want to see. It releases inhibitions and helps us express what we feel, while developing empathy towards others by making us see how we would feel if we were in their place. Relieves shyness; It is very useful for healing psychosexual problems, especially when traumatic experiences of past lives must be experienced. It favors the process of rebirth.

It can be used to facilitate the view of the cause of a condition or disease, allowing us to see the basic disorders that are operating in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body and allowing us to free ourselves from them under a new consciousness. Placing on the solar plexus the malachite stone facilitates a deep emotional healing by releasing negative experiences and old traumas that were enclosed; he brings them to the surface and lets us take a deep breath again, offering us relief and comprehension.

It is perfect to put it in painful or diseased areas to remove the negative energies and bring to the surface the physical and emotional causes of the ailment. Malachite stone amplifies both negative and positive energies. Connect the spiritual energies with the Earth. She is an imposing protector; it absorbs the polluting and negative energies it takes from the air and the body. You have to clean it before and after using it, putting it between a lot of quartz in the Sun, because they can become dull and dull or lose their power if they absorb too much negative energy.

Absorbs radiation of any kind, cleans electromagnetic pollution and heals the energies of the Earth. It has a strong affinity with Nature and the kingdom of the plants and with all the devic forces.

The malachite stone exercises various functions depends on the person. If a person has evolved significantly and works for humanity, malachite stone will help you to build greater energies on the planet. For those who are living a process of purification, malachite stone acts as a purgative and as a mirror of the subconscious, where everything that needs to be purified is reflected.

She embodies the dark healing green of Nature and represents the innate beauty of herbs and flowers, trees, roots and plants. It manifests a dark green that governs the material plane. It is a dense and opaque stone; it absorbs the energy instead of emitting it.

There is a great movement and flow of energy in the drawings of the malachite stone, lines, circles, etc. Each stone tells a message according to the message it has in its unique drawing. By meditating with her, awakening her essence within you, you can have access to the purpose of the malachite stone that you have.

It can be used as a crystal ball to access other worlds, internal or external. Traveling through its twisted lines frees the mind and stimulates the images. It can help to receive subconscious comprehensions or messages of the future.

The bulging stones of malachite stone are very useful for enhancing internal vision and for circulating energy in areas of pain. The Malaquitas with successive layers of lines, such as pancake cake, serve to bring upwards, outwards, the emotions from the plexus or the pain miasmas in affected areas.

Malachite stone is a balancing agent, can create an unobstructed path in one’s life, leading you to achieve your goals. It can also guide you in the steps to follow required to reach an end you want. It helps you to accept responsibility for your own actions, circumstances and moment in which you find yourself giving you understanding and intuitive answers to face the priorities and respond with consequent actions.

She is like a good friend, sincere and honest; he will always tell you the truth about yourself and help you bring out the unknown and invisible to the conscious mind. For its ability to discover the occult, malachite stone has a reputation for gold; when it is worn, worn or meditated on, malachite stone throws, shows or reflects whatever hinders spiritual growth.