What to look for before choosing detox center

If you want to choose a drug and alcohol detox center, it will not be an easy decision always. You need to have answers to the questions that you may be asking yourself so that you can determine the best and right center that can meet all your needs and to ensure the long term recovery. There are some questions that you have to know the answers for before you decide on any detox center.

  • The amenities that the facilities have
  • Is it possible for your friends and family to visit you
  • Can you get help if you have dietary issues
  • Can you use computer or cell phone
  • Can your insurance cover help you to pay or you will pay the entire cost on your own
  • How far the treatment facility is
  • How long the treatment will last

Before you decide on any center, you should:

  • Research different facilities before you decide on only one
  • Visit every facility and see how patients are treated
  • Talk to people directly especially these who will be in charge of taking care of you
  • Ensure that the facilities have the same value as yourself
  • Make sure that you are comfortable within the facility before you can commit yourself to a program.

When you go to a drug and alcohol detox center for the first time, you will go through the intake process. You will be having a therapist who will be working throughout the recovery period. This is when the therapist is going to ask you about everything he can about the use of drug and what happened before you start to use it. You will have to give all the answers in a complete and honest manner so that you can be given the best care. The therapist helps in devising the treatment plan which is important to the individual needs.

When you finish the intake process, you will be shown where everything is found on the detox facilities in order to locate everything you can find easily. You should then be shown where you will stay. The counselor helps in unpacking the belonging to see if you do not have anything which is not allowed in the center. They are going to be kept up to the time the treatment is finished. The illegal items may differ from one facility to another, since they can include over the counter medicine or electronics.

When you had settled well in a facility, you get complete physical examination in order to know if you are not suffering underlying condition that has to be treated while doing the detox. Sometime people with addiction can also suffer dehydration and malnutrition and these symptoms have to be treated.

Detox from drug, opiates and alcohol may take some time from few days or some few weeks. This will depend on the general health of the patient, the severity of the addiction with other factors like if you suffer abuse from different drugs like suffering opioid and alcohol addiction.